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Welcome to from me! We build libraries in rural schools in Papua New Guinea by repurposing old New Zealand school supplies. Opening kids minds to the world and their potential, one book at a time.

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Do you have any old books, school supplies or sports equipment? Give them a new home at a school in rural Papua New Guinea! Contact us today!

Every child deserves an education.

This belief is at the core of our organisation. Everything starts with education. We believe every child, no matter where you live should have access to quality education. Enabling them to chase their dreams, fulfil their potential and change the course of their communities' future.

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how it works.

From a New Zealand school to a school in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Opening kids minds to the world and their potential, one book at a time.

  • Collect donations
    Our donor schools let us know when they have resources ready for collection - we then go and collect the books from their school.

  • Pack the container
    We pack & sort all the donations into a shipping container. Once it is full, it's off to Papua New Guinea.

  • Head to Papua New Guinea
    We head to the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Sort out the books and get them library ready

  • Build the Library
    We then head to a school in Papua New Guinea and ill the shelves with the books and turn the library into a child-friendly learning space with colour, posters, games etc.

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As an outdoor shop, we’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all our customers and team members.

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We know that during COVID-19, a lot of folks around the city and state are feeling uneasy about the future - we’re not sure what the future holds either.

That said: we know that we love making sure you have the gear you need for your adventures, and we’re going to keep doing that - with our team - until the city tells us we can’t.

But as long as folks like yourself support small businesses around the city, then we’ll be here — every day, making sure your orders arrive on time.


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Ripinka School Library

We took this school library from an empty room to a full functioning, child friendly library. Most of the kids at this school had never seen a book before. All the books, tables, chairs and posters are old New Zealand school resources fully repurposed to give these kids an education.

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